Overcome your fear of rejection and the unknown when it comes to cold calling


If you’re a copywriter or other B2B freelancer and want to increase your client list, cold calling prospects is a great way to get the word out about your services.

I was lucky enough to have a 30 minute private coaching session with a cold calling expert recently.

Marcus Xavier from Uber Academy is a sales and marketing professional with many years’ experience in landing new clients through cold calling.

Marcus was kind enough to give permission for me to share a recording of our session with you.

What you’ll hear about in the recording:

  • Why cold calling should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection associated with cold-calling and avoid the “telemarketer” image
  • How to build relationships and rapport with the decision-makers you’re cold calling
  • Turning objections into ways to provide a better service to the prospect
  • How to interpret your prospect’s buying signals and act quickly to close the sale
  • How to develop a script or running sheet to structure your call for better results

If you’re like me, by┬áthe end of the session you’ll be keen to start cold calling new prospects immediately!

Click the link below to listen to the recording in your browser, or right click and choose “Save link as…” to download it…

Cold calling for copywriters

If you enjoyed the recording, visit Uber Academy for more info about cold calling and to find out about some of the other great courses on offer.