SEO Copywriting in 2013 [Infographic]

SEO Copywriting is changing all the time. Here are some tips for getting your search engine content right for 2013, put together by Content Verve in the form of an infographic…



  • davethescribe

    Hi Damien

    The above post is really useful. Thanks for sharing.
    SEO is not my strong point. I just write for human’s. However, I know SEO is
    important, if I want people to find my site. So your post is a great help.



  • Robin@download ebooks

    This is a very useful infographics. I never realized that keyword density is just a myth and that a long content is fine just as long as it is well-written. Thanks for sharing these tips, Damien.

  • Talk About Creative

    I love your blog and you are spot on when you say “write for humans, optimise for robots”. Some of the main “errors” I have seen with clients when they first come to us is; lack of keyword research (particularly in niche markets), keyword stuffing, fantastic looking website with poor copy and poorly executed H Tags and Meta descriptions. There is a skill in getting all your SEO factors to align, but it can be done. The end result is a great site that converts visitors to buyers and satisfies search engine requirements.