Seminar Marketing Copy

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Seminar Marketing Copy

SP Solutions is a Melbourne accounting and business strategy firm. They hired me to help with advertising an upcoming seminar presented by the founding partner, Sam Polimeni.

I wrote a sales piece in consultation with the firm’s marketing manager, which will be sent out to several email lists and adapted into a brochure to generate interest in the event.

Update: The seminar was a big hit and the firm were extremely happy with the attendance level.

Here is the piece I wrote (written in the voice of the firm’s marketing manager):

Sales Email Starts Here:

Hi <first name>,

Today we’ve got a special offer on a business event we’ll be running next month.  This event is tailor made to address many of the needs and concerns we hear about every day from business owners, managers and employees just like you.

I wanted to give you a heads up on an early-bird opportunity to get involved in this unique event.

The seminar will run for 90 minutes and will be presented by our Founding Partner, Sam Polimeni. You might be familiar with how Sam has helped many businesses grow and achieve amazing results in a short space of time, but just in case you don’t know about Sam, here are some details:

Sam is the Founder and Managing Partner of SP Solutions, one of Melbourne’s most dynamic business strategy and accounting firms. Together with his team of elite finance professionals, Sam helps businesses of all sizes increase their effectiveness, maximise their potential, and find opportunities to grow. Some of SP Solution’s clients include Funfields (Alpine Toboggan Park), Celemetrix Australia Pty Ltd, IntoBlinds Pty Ltd, Schultz Capital Pty Ltd, and Pelligra & Sons Pty Ltd, just to name a few.

In addition to running a successful accounting firm, Sam is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, having presented to groups such as The Institution of Surveyors and The CEO Institute.

Tim Reid, the founder of Small Business Big Marketing, the Number One ranked small business and marketing podcast in the country, had this to say about Sam:

Sam gets it. He understands that business owners need to be inspired in to action. He understands that sometimes they just ‘don’t know what they don’t know’. And he loves it when he finds those business owners who are ready to take their baby to the next level. Sam is a people’s person … a guy who’s created a successful business off his own bat and is now well positioned to show others how to do it. In an engaging no BS way. I’d have Sam on my team every day of the week.

Now Sam’s doing this one-off special 90 minute seminar right here in Melbourne next month, and you have the opportunity to come along and get involved.

During this 90 minute event you will learn how to:

  • FOCUS – Sick of feeling like you’re constantly busy but all that work never seems to amount to anything? Sam will share his experiences with how he’s helped numerous business leaders overcome the treadmill and start seeing actual achievements with the time they put into their business.
  • PROFIT – Often it feels like all that work is amounting to nothing and, sadly for some businesses, sometimes that’s the case. Sam will show you steps to keep track of your numbers simply and effectively to ensure you’re not kidding yourself.
  • MANAGE CASH FLOW – Every business has cash flow issues. Yours might be just around the corner. Learn how to deal with current cash flow problems and head off cash management problems before they arise.
  • GROW – the key to any successful business is their ability to grow. Sam will take you through the steps to ensuring your business is scalable and has the potential to grow into something much more. Hint: massive growth is achievable for your business. Sam has taught many business leaders just like you how to do this and they are reaping the rewards as you read this!
  • All this plus…
  • Q & A WITH SAM – You will have the unique opportunity to pick the brains of one of the most dynamic and experienced business professionals in Australia. Ask Sam specific questions about the needs and concerns that confront you every day in your own business. That kind of one on one business coaching alone is worth the cost of admission.

And of course, there will be lots of opportunities to network with like-minded business people. It’s amazing how many world-beating business relationships have been formed by hitting it off at an event like this.

You’ll get all this in a 90 minute crash course on supercharging your business. The information has been streamlined and tailor made for busy professionals like you. It’s the kind of information it could take you a lifetime to stumble upon if you weren’t presented with an opportunity like this to hear Sam speak, right here in your own back yard.

We’re sending out this special early bird offer to our closest connections. Book your spot at the seminar today and you’ll receive a guest pass absolutely FREE. Go halves with a friend or colleague, or just give the extra pass to them as a gift for some major kudos.

At the end of the seminar you’ll walk away with a fresh perspective, new skills, and the inspiration, energy, and SHEER DRIVE you need to take your business to the next level. You also will have made new connections with shared interests and concerns (new referrals, anyone?!), as well as having asked Sam specific questions about the obstacles that trouble you the most about your own business, and received specific answers tailor made for your circumstances.

Give me a call right now to ensure your spot at the seminar on <phone number>, or visit our website at <link> to find out more and reserve your seat.

Warmest regards,


P.S. Remember, by attending this seminar you will learn new ways to get more out of your business using tried and true methods that have worked for others. You’ll also get to network with some like-minded people and have a chance to ask Sam specific questions relating to your business. What are you waiting for? Enrol now.


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July 22, 2012