Sales Letter for Belize Realty Firm

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Sales Letter for Belize Realty Firm

titoff-realty-ss1-300x225Company: Titoff Realty Ltd

This guy came up with the idea to give hotels free room cards and door hangers in exchange for putting his company’s ad on the items. Pretty smart huh? Not only that but he offered to pay the hotel $50 for every lead generated by the ads.

He got me to write the sales letter to the hotel managers.

The thing is, a lot of people get antsy about coming the hard sell. They don’t want to come across as being cheap, pushy, or greedy, even though the latter actually converts way better than something boring and safe. So I sometimes do 2 versions of a piece for clients, so they can split test them and see which works better.

Here’s the (fun) pushy version: Hotel Sales Letter (pushy version)

Here’s the (boring) safe version: Hotel Sales Letter (safe version)


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July 5, 2012