Mobile Tyre Shop Print Flyer

Mobile Tyre Shop Print Flyer

Mobile Tyre Shop is Melbourne’s largest mobile tyre service. They are rapidly growing and were recently featured on an episode of TV’s The Shark Tank.

Whilst commonplace in Europe, the mobile tyre market is still largely untapped in Australia.

One of the main challenges for the Mobile Tyre Shop is to communicate quickly and clearly that they:

a) Come to you; and

b) Don’t cost any more than a traditional tyre shop.

Market research revealed that, despite the name of the business being Mobile Tyre Shop, and several mentions of the concept on the company’s website, many people still didn’t make the connection that the business is mobile! For this reason, it was paramount to express this concept as clearly and frequently as possible in all the marketing material.

I was hired as the copywriter for the A4 tri-fold flyer, as well as B2B material for various potential fleet and corporate clients, which is still under development at the time of writing.



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November 13, 2012