Direct Marketing White Paper

Direct Marketing White Paper

Karen M Clark is a US-based public speaker and social media expert.
You can see what she’s all about at her website:

She hired me to write a White Paper on the direct marketing industry’s tardiness in adopting social media.
Here’s the paper: avon white paper

This is the feedback she gave on my paper (she’s calling me GMdamien because that’s my Elance ID. Elance is a freelancing website where you can hire people from all over the world):

“GMdamien took a recent news article that dealt with a very specific marketing niche and created a professional white paper response in my voice. He clearly spend some time researching the subject matter as well as my business and ‘voice’ and throughout the white paper it is clear that he 100% “gets” the niche and the angle I would take in my response. The white paper is everything I was hoping for and more. Not only did he craft an meaningful article, full of relevant thoughts and ideas, but he did this UNDER the time he estimated and communicated clearly throughout the process. In addition, he gave me other ideas in which I could use the white paper for marketing my business by using it as a lead generation piece, even suggesting catchy headlines for it! This is a case of an elance writer OVERdelivering in every way. I highly recommend GMdamien and will be using his services again in the future.”


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July 5, 2012