It’s a Hen’s Life

It’s a Hen’s Life

Eggs are something we take for granted.

But did you know that most eggs come from chickens that are kept in terrible conditions?

One way we can all protest against these conditions is to only buy free range eggs.

As someone who cares about animal rights, when Valley Park Farm approached me about writing their website copy, I jumped at the chance.

Valley Park Farm is Australia’s largest producer of free range eggs. If you shop at Woolworths, you’ve probably seen their packaging in the free range egg section of the supermarket. The great part is that the people at Valley Park feel so strongly about free range, that that’s all they do. No cage hens at all. Most egg producers are mostly cage, with a little free range on the side. Not these guys though…

The website was a lot of fun to write because we got to play around with all sorts of chicken jokes…


My sacred vow: To leave no chicken or egg pun unused!

When writing this website, we did a lot of research around the benefits of free range vs cage eggs. The results are really interesting.

One cool thing about the Valley Park website is their “hen cam“. This is a section on the website where you can see video of the chickens out and about exploring, in real time.

To see the Valley Park Farm website for yourself, click here. And remember to support better conditions for chooks – buy free range!

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July 28, 2015