DTS Product Launch

This was a major project surrounding the launch of the Davebilt Trailer System – a $25,000+ trailer system used to transport farming machinery and diesel fuel tanks.

The trailer system was developed over several years by Davebilt – one of the largest building materials suppliers in NSW, with the help of a design engineering firm.

I was sub-contracted to work on the copy for the product launch by marketing firm Business Uplift.

My role included writing all the copy for:

  • The original two-stage business proposal for Business Uplift which won the contract to conduct research and then handle the marketing for the product launch (subject to confidentiality).
  • The keyword branded website CombTrailers.com.au developed especially for the product launch.
  • The Press Release accompanying the product launch, to be distributed to national agricultural publications.
  • The DTS case study to be used as evergreen marketing collateral for dealers and prospects.
  • The sales brochure to be used as evergreen marketing collateral for dealers and prospects.
  • The email marketing template for approaching dealers as cold leads (subject to confidentiality).
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September 11, 2012